Educated Parents Are Less Likely To Vaccinate

Educated Parents Are Less Likely To Vaccinate

“[F]urther studies are needed to discover why, for example, parents with more education are less likely to agree to vaccination than parents with less education.”

Ogilvie G, Anderson M, et al. (2010). A population-based evaluation of a publicly funded, school-based HPV vaccine program in British Columbia, Canada: parental factors associated with HPV vaccine receipt. PLoS Med 7(5): e1000270.

“Mothers who had less than a high school degree… were more likely to be favorable about their daughter being vaccinated.”

Rosenthal SL, Rupp R, et al. (2008). Uptake of HPV vaccine: demographics, sexual history and values, parenting style, and vaccine attitudes. J Adolesc Health 43(3): 239-45.

“Low maternal educational levels and low socioeconomic status were associated with high 4:3:1:3 series completion rates.”

Kim SS, Frimpong JA, et al. (2007). Effects of maternal and provider characteristics on up-to-date immunization status of children aged 19 to 35 months. Am J Public Health 97(2): 259-66.

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