Doctors and Healthcare Workers Rejecting Vaccination

Doctors and Healthcare Workers Rejecting Vaccination

“[A]cceptance of the influenza vaccination by medical personnel is low.”

Wicker S, Rabenau HF, et al. (2009). Influenza vaccination compliance among health care workers in a German university hospital. Infection 37(3); 197-202.

“Despite almost a decade of efforts, the vaccination coverage rates registered at our hospital steadily remain unsatisfactory and very distant by the minimum objective of 75% defined by the Italian Ministry of Health. During the last influenza season (2013/14), vaccination coverage rates by occupation type resulted 30% among physicians, 11% among nurses and 9% among other clinical personnel.”

Alicino C, Iudici R, et al. (2015). Influenza vaccination among healthcare workers in Italy: the experience of a large tertiary acutecare teaching hospital. Hum Vaccin Immunother 11(1): 95-100.

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