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Jan-Willem Van Den Bergh

Expert statistician confirming with two independent statistical methods that the pilot survey data proves vaccines are causing America’s pandemic of chronic illness.


Dr. Pebsworth

PhD expert in healthcare surveys confirms that the control group pilot survey was performed utilizing standard methodology.


Dr. Kimmel, PHD

PhD expert in public health confirms that vaccinations are decimating the American population.


Dr. Hulstedt

Expert pediatrician confirms that unvaccinated children are exponentially healthier than vaccinated children.

Family Physician expert

Dr. Rachel West

Expert physician confirms method for identifying vaccine injuries in a highly vaccinated population, and further confirms that unvaccinated patients are the healthiest of all.

Pediatrician Expert

Dr. Hoang

Expert pediatrician confirms that America’s pandemic of chronic illness is caused by vaccination, and that the unvaccinated hold the key to restoring health.

Vaccinated v. Unvaccinated survey expert

Joy Garner

Founder of The Control Group, the largest health survey to date of unvaccinated Americans.

Mathematics Expert Report

Vaccine Mathematics

This report uses government data to show that for every vaccine on the CDC schedule, the risk of the vaccine is greater than the risk of the disease.