National Crisis

National Health Crisis

The People of the United States of America, and particularly the Nation’s children, are suffering from an unprecedented pandemic of chronic diseases. More American children are sick today than in any previous generation. They are suffering from a wide range of conditions: from asthma and autoimmune diseases to neurodevelopmental and mental health disorders that are increasingly known to be associated with an underlying dysregulated immune activation. The fallout from this health emergency is an economic, healthcare and national security crisis for the Nation. 

The epidemic of childhood illness is straining the Nation, imposing an enormous and growing burden on individuals, families and society. Chronically ill children become chronically ill adults. 

According to the CDC, chronic disease and mental illness account for most American deaths, consume 90% of the Nation’s $3.5 trillion in annual health care expenditures and are projected to account for more than $42 trillion in spending by 2030.1

The burden of illness is straining America’s school system as well, which is struggling to accommodate the demands of the growing population of students with special needs. 

The health crisis of America’s youth is a national security crisis as well; nearly a third (32 percent) of all young people have health problems – other than their weight – that prevent them from military service.2 

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