Birth Defects (2020 Pilot Survey Data Comparison of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated)

Birth Defects

Risk of Birth defects in the 99% vaccinated population: 3%
According to the CDC, “about one in every 33 babies [3%] is born with a birth defect.”

Compare Unvaccinated Survey Data
(a) Total unvaccinated (post-birth) reported w/ birth defects (12 of 1,482): 0.81%
1. Risk of birth defects in unvaccinated (post-birth) without K-shot &/or maternal vaccines (3 of 1,024): 0.29%
2. Risk of birth defects in unvaccinated (post-birth) with K-shot &/or maternal vaccines (9 out of 458): 1.97%
3. Risk of birth defects with 100% rate of maternal vaccine exposure, with or without K-shot (3 of 49): 6.12%
(b) Increased risk according to exposure:
1. Increased risk in vaccine-exposed population: 934%
2. Increased risk with K-shot and/or maternal vaccines: 579%
3. Increased Risk with 100% Maternal Vaccine Exposure: 2,010%

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