Autism Spectrum Disorder (2020 Pilot Survey Data Comparison of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated)


ASD (Autism) in 99% vaccine-exposed population 3-17 years (2018): 2.5%

According to Kogan et al. (2018) in Pediatrics, “parents of an estimated 1.5 million US children aged 3 to 17 years (2.50%) reported that their child had ever received an ASD diagnosis and currently had the condition.” According to more-recently published data from the 2018 National Survey of Children’s Health the Autism rate in the U.S.A. was reported at 2.8%.

Compare Unvaccinated Survey Data
Autism in children 3-17 years:
(a) Total Autism reported in unvaccinated (post-birth) with or without maternal vaccines and/or K-shots (2 of 967): 0.21%
1. Risk in unvaccinated (post-birth) without exposure to K-shot or maternal vaccines (0 of 639): 0%
2. Risk in unvaccinated (post-birth) with k-shot exposure alone and no maternal vaccines (1 of 296): 0.34%
3. Risk of ASD in unvaccinated (post-birth) with exposure to K-shot and/or maternal vaccines (2 of 328): 0.61%
4. Risk of ASD in unvaccinated (post-birth) in those with a 100% rate of exposure to maternal vaccines with or w/o K-shot (1 of 32): 3.13%
5. Risk of ASD in unvaccinated (post-birth) with exposure to both maternal vaccines and K-shot (1 of 21): 4.76%

(b) Increased Risk of Autism according to exposure:
Increased risk in vaccine and K-shot exposed population: Infinite

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