Vaccine Manufacturers Conceal Their Communist Chinese Operations

Vaccine Manufacturers

“The intricacies of the supply chains for individual medicines—which companies keep under wraps for competitive reasons—remain hidden from the public.”

Wall Street Journal, FDA Cites Shortage of One Drug, Exposing Supply-Line Worry, February 28, 2020,

“[United States lawmakers] expressed alarm, and sometimes disbelief, at the lack of oversight the FDA demonstrates over these foreign suppliers—despite the fact that U.S. drug firms are continuously outsourcing their manufacturing needs.”

Newsweek, Congress, Grappling With Tainted Chinese Drugs, is Baffled by Lack of FDA Oversight in U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, October 30, 2019,

“FDA quality control programs suffer gaps, from inventory and source material ingredients, to inability to inspect plants unannounced or has complete visibility over a Chinese plant’s total supply chain.”

United States Food and Drug Administration, Exploring the Growing U.S. Reliance on China’s Biotech and Pharmaceutical Products, July 31, 2019,

COVID-19 has further disrupted any surveillance or inspections of vaccine manufacturing plants in China.

Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT), FDA Updates Plan for Manufacturing Inspections in China in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak, February 27, 2020,

Medtech Pharma Intelligence, Coronavirus: All FDA Inspections Of Chinese Manufacturing Facilities Come To Screeching Halt, February 14, 2020,

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