Increase in Chronic Disease Rates in the U.S. Population


In this national data graph, we observe a .99 and .90 (“very high correlation”) on the Pearson Correlation Coefficient scale. This means the rate of increase in the vaccine schedule over time is an extraordinarily high match with the rate of increase of chronic disease in the general population. Rational thinking recognizes that vaccines are a ‘reasonable suspect’ in America’s current chronic illness pandemic. National data confirm the majority of vaccinated Americans have a chronic disease, but according to the 2020 survey of unvaccinated Americans the rate of chronic disease in unvaccinated people is only about 5%. And of that 5%, most cases of chronic illness are in children born to mothers who were vaccinated during pregnancy or otherwise received the aluminum containing vitamin K shot. So America’s national data agrees with the pilot survey of unvaccinated Americans, evidencing that vaccines cause chronic illness.

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